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PDF No 1: Urbini S., Frezzotti M., Gandolfi S., Vincent C., Scarchilli C., Vittuari L., Fily M. (2008) Historical behaviour of Dome C and Talos Dome (East Antarctica) as investigated by snow accumulation and ice velocity measurements. Global and Planetary Change. Vol 60/3-4 pp 576-588 DOI: 10.1016/j.gloplacha.2007.08.002
PDF No 2: Sala M., B. Delmonte, M. Frezzotti, M. Proposito, C. Scarchilli, V. Maggi, G. Artioli, M. Dapiaggi, F. Marino, P.C. Ricci, G. De Giudici (2008) Evidence of calcium carbonates in coastal (Talos Dome and Ross Sea area) East Antarctica snow and firn: environmental and climatic implications. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 271, 1-4, 43-52.
PDF No 3: Redenbach C., A. Sarkka, J. Freitag, K. Schladitz (2009) Anisotropy analysis of pressed point processes. Advances in Statistical Analysis. 93: 237-261 DOI 10.1007/s10182-009-0106-5
PDF No 4: Schüpbach S., Federer U., Kaufmann P., Manuel H., Buiron D., Blunier T., Fischer H., Stocker T. (2009) A new method for high resolution methane measurements on polar ice cores using Continuous Flow Analysis. Environmental Science & Technology, 43 (14), 5371-5376, DOI:10.1021/es9003137
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Publication of Talos Dome area

Ice core chemistry
Becagli S., S. Benassai, E. Castellano, O. Largiuni, A. Migliori, R. Traversi, O. Flora, R. Udisti (2004). Chemical characterization of the last 250 years of snow deposition at Talos Dome (East Antarctica). Intern. J. Environ. Anal. Chem., 84(6-7), 523-536.
Becagli S., Castellano E., Cerri O., Curran M., Frezzotti M., Marino F., Moranti A., Proposito M., Severi M., Traversi R., Udisti R. (2009) Methanesulphonic acid (MSA) stratigraphy from a Talos Dome ice core as a tool in depicting sea ice changes and southern atmospheric circulation over the previous 140 years. Atmospheric Environment.
Becagli S., Proposito M., Benassai S., Flora O., Genoni L., Gragnani R., Largiuni O., Pili S.L., Severi M., Stenni B., Traversi R., Udisti R., Frezzotti M. (2004) Chemical and isotopic snow variability in East Antarctica along the 2001/02 ITASE traverse. Ann. Glaciol. 39, 473-482.
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Policy for publication

All researchers participating in TALDICE are asked to inform the TALDICE Steering Committee when a paper is submitted to a scientific journal. This should be done by sending the paper title, authors, and abstract to Chappellaz J. (jerome@lgge.obs.ujf-grenoble.fr) and Frezzotti M. (massimo.frezzotti@enea.it), who serve as coordinators.
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