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The main science objectives of the TALDICE project are the following:
  • Determine temporal/spatial patterns in environmental parameters that relate to the ocean surface conditions (e.g., sea ice, marine biological productivity, storm activity) in the Southern Ocean/Ross Sea region;
  • Reconstruct the sequence of events (including forcings and responses) through the last two glacial-interglacial transitions across Antarctica at high resolution;
  • Synchronise the TALDICE records using high-resolution measurements of CH4, CO2, volcanic and dust stratigraphies, and isotopic compositions of air components, as well as absolute dating of volcanic layers;
  • Identify climate modes and teleconnection patterns under different climate boundary conditions (orbital forcing, greenhouse gas concentration, land ice masses);
  • Compile high-sensitivity evidence of subdued rapid climate/environmental transitions throughout the Holocene;
  • Reconstruct snow accumulation changes at inland and coastal sites and identify changes in ice volume and local ice sheet altitude, from the Last Glacial Maximum through the Holocene to the present.