TALDICE & EPICA Science Meeting

TALDICE meeting

The purpose of the TALDICE meeting is to discuss the most recent results obtained by each consortium, the publication strategy, the new measurements to perform, etc.
Due to limited time, two talks will be allocated to each main Consortium (Isotope in ice, Gases, Chemistry, Dust and tephra) and one talk to others Consortium (Physical and electrical properties, Radionuclides, Trace elements, Ice flow modelling). Other contributions will be given as posters. In due course, the local committee will notify whether a talk or a poster has been scheduled. Most of the time will be dedicated to discussion.
Participation to the meeting is by invitation only and is free of charge.
No financial support for the travel, hotel and other expenses can be provided by the organization. Unfortunately, no dedicated TALDICE budget is available to handle our meetings.